Macie Fuller

Hello My Name Is...

Macie Fuller

I am the dyslexia reading teacher and cheer coach here at Bynum! I graduated from Tarleton State University, and this will be my 6th year in education! I am looking forward to working with all the bright minds we have in our community! Let's have a great year! 

Faculty Information:

Macie Fuller, Certified Dyslexia Resource teacher, EC-6 certified with Science Of Teaching Reading.

Email: [email protected] -please allow 24 hours for reply.

School phone: (254) 531-2341

Conference time: 1:00- 2:00pm

Course Curriculum

Reading By Design and Literacy Individual Intervention 

Course Description:

I provide Dyslexia and reading remediation lessons to our students who need remediation reading and spelling instruction. 


  1. Come with a good attitude to TRY YOUR BEST!

  2. In this classroom we treat everyone with kindness and respect!

  3. Behavioral indiscretions will be communicated to the classroom teacher and resulting disciplinary action regarding the indiscretion.

Phone & Technology:

All telecommunication devices and headphones/earbuds should be powered off and kept in  students’ backpacks. Backpacks are to be kept in lockers.  In accordance with the 2023-2024 BISD student handbook, “The district permits students to possess personal cell phones, smart watches, and other telecommunications devices for safety purposes; however, these devices must remain turned off during the instructional day, including during all testing, unless they are being used for approved instructional purposes.”

Schedule: Conference: 1:00-2:00pm

My schedule is subject to change throughout the day due to reading remediation lessons and needs, however my conference will remain the same! 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your student or other concerns. I look forward to a successful school year, and watching your students grow!

No Act Of Kindness No Matter How Small Is Ever Wasted- Eleanor Roosevelt