Jordan Brown

Hello My Name Is...

Jordan Chrisley Brown


Hi! My name is Jordan Chrisley Brown. I have been the kindergarten teacher for 4 years, and this year, my fifth year, I am adding First grade to my class! I will be the ELAR teacher for Kindergarten and First grade for the 2023-2024 year. My teaching partner and I think this year will be amazing! We are a great team, and ready to love and teach your babies!
I graduated from Hubbard High School in 2008, but I lived in Bynum most of my life on my grandpa's farm. Little did I know growing up, I would fall in love with the school and plan to stay. 
My husband of 15 years and I have 3 children who will all be joining me in school this year for the first time! Aybrie Jo is in 8th grade and loves volleyball and cheerleading. Owen is in first grade and gone to Bynum his whole school career. Thomas Gauge will be starting perk this year! I am so excited to have all my biological babies in school with me for the first time.
Some of my favorites include: going fishing, turquoise, flamingos & buffalo, starbucks, chocolate, and zero monsters!
I am also one of the Cheerleading Coaches.
I love school spirit and can't wait to continue to build up our small school.

Here is my classroom wishlist!